Local Plasma Cutting Experts You Can Rely On...

Did you know that Coastal States FFST, LLC. offers Plasma Cutting along with our other Fabrication Services? We can cut aluminum, stainless, and steel to your specifications. 

When you place an order with us all designs are computer generated by our Design Expert using our AutoCad Software. By utilizing this software, we can ensure a perfect cut every time on every part. 

Our T100M Cutting Torch (capable of cutting materials up to 1" in thickness) will get your order completed much more quickly and accurately than any handheld torch out there.

Our Workshop Includes...

  • Hypertherm Powermax1650 Plasma Arc Cutting & Gouging System 
  • FastCut Intelligent CNC Cutting System 
  • 10' X 20' Cutting Table 
  • 100 Amp Mechanized Torch