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Have your hoses & piplines safely tested

Rely on the professionals at Coastal States FFST inc to test transfer hoses at your business. Allow us to test hoses that carry diesel fuels, oils, liquid drilling fluids, and completion fluids.


We test a wide variety of pipelines. Some are new lines tested before production and therefore tested to higher test pressures and some lines are already in service and thus are subject to testing limitations, such as production valves and other fittings. Some lines are above ground, some below ground, some over water, and some under water.


We test oil, diesel fuel, and methanol lines at fuel docks in various places along the Gulf Coast. We also test liquid mud lines and completion fluid lines at "mud" docks in AL, MS, LA, and TX

  • Yards

  • Boat decks

  • Barges

  • Terminals

Honest testing at your location

Make sure your hoses meet with the various sections of the Code of Federal Regulations. We will do hose testing according to customer specifications and needs.


A metal tag with a serial number, test date, and maximum allowable working pressure will be affixed to the hose. Also, a signed test document will be provided by the technician.

Ensure your hoses are up-to-code

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